Accounting Consolidate

Produce accounting disclosures seamlessly for one plan or a hundred plans

Year-end pensions accounting disclosures usually require a long run-up and rely on estimates and incomplete information right up until the last minute when deadlines are tight.

Our Accounting Consolidate tool makes this process seamless. You can produce accurate accounting disclosures whether you have one employee benefit plan or hundreds.


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The key features of Accounting Consolidate are:

  • Consolidate your worldwide pension expense for financial reporting, quickly and efficiently
  • Integrated end-to-end process, from information collation to disclosures
  • Web-based interactive results that can be accessed at any time from anywhere
  • Downloadable user-customised disclosures compliant with IFRS and/or US GAAP
  • Assess the impact of economic changes to avoid surprises before the year-end
  • Automated checks performed on key income statement and balance sheet items
  • Perform projections to:
    • enable calculation of results for immaterial plans without recourse to the local actuary
    • understand the current financial status of your plans, reflecting the latest market movements
    • view the development of your income statement and balance sheet over future years
  • Set your priorities for the year ahead, including: changes to benefit design, de-risking and reviewing financial strategy

“The data collected onto Accounting Consolidate as part of the global consolidation process can be used to identify key areas of risk and general insight, helping companies with their decision-making.”

Brian Peters, PwC

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