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PwC comments on Net Zero Strategy

20 October, 2021

Commenting on the net zero strategy paper, Dan Dowling, PwC partner and net zero expert, said:

“Achieving net zero by 2050 will require innovation and transformation at an unprecedented scale and speed, with new delivery models needed to achieve the scale of change set out in the net zero strategy paper.

“This level of scaling is beyond the reach of the government alone and businesses, policymakers, organisations and consumers all need to take a more assertive approach, to collaborate with a shared sense of urgency.

“PwC estimates that £400 billion will need to be invested in green infrastructure and renewable energy sources over the next ten years, if the government's 2050 target is to stay on track. The government's investment will catalyse some of the early action needed, but more will be needed as the strategy evolves.

“Alongside investment in the green industrial revolution, investment in skills and local delivery models will be key, especially to help tackle the levelling up agenda by harnessing the best assets of the whole of the UK. The scale of the challenge is immense but with the right investment in green skills and technology we have the opportunity to create a new and green economy.

“It's an exciting opportunity for the UK to lead the world on the biggest economic transformation of our lifetimes. The targets are challenging, as is the environment in which they need to be delivered, but also a chance to build a country that's truly fit for the 21st Century.”


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