Setting up social enterprises takes blue skies thinking

In our series of videos focused on private businesses and entrepreneurs, founder and Chairman of Blue Skies Holdings, Anthony Pile, talks to us about getting off a plane in Africa with £400,000 in his pocket determined to set up this social enterprise.

Blue Skies has been cutting and packing consistently high quality just-harvested fruit products and delivering them to supermarkets across Europe since 1998. Employing over 2000 people in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and Brazil, this multi-award winning social enterprise is committed to building long term partnerships, and fostering sustainable development in Africa and South America. By nurturing this culture and forging global partnerships Blue Skies has become an ethical model for development to governments all over the world.

In this video, Anthony tells us about getting others to buy in to his vision, the challenges he faced and his top tips for anybody looking to set up a social enterprise in developing countries.