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Using the right KPI’s to drive the business and having state-of-the-art real-time reporting for various dimensions (e.g. profitability by product, customer and region) help to manage the business in the long run and bring transparency in a volatile environment. A good reporting will support the confidence of the family in their actions.

Typical Questions

  • What are the main key performance indicators that you use to manage your business?
  • Do you know how you are making money…
  • with what products and services?
  • with what customers or segments?
  • in what regions?
  • Do you know what you are spending money on?
  • Do your reports provide the right data on your business management? Do you have ready access to the information at all times? Are you happy with your controlling department?
  • Does your planning allow for the volatile environment?
  • Do you meet all of your shareholders’ reporting requirements, including banks?

How we can help

  • Define the KPI’s (top + bottom line)
  • Set up a timely and informative reporting based on various dimensions (e.g. profitability by product, customer, or region)
  • Create insight and transparency in a volatile environment
  • Optimise planning and budgeting processes, implementation of planning tools
  • Optimise (product) cost calculation and internal cost allocation/transfer pricing
  • Analyse the effects on incentivisation
  • Optimise reporting processes and systems, e.g. ERP, consolidation software, business intelligence
  • Big data

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