Private Business - how to grow revenue

Family businesses are often ‘hidden champions’. They are innovative, creative and have outstanding people on board. This helps them to keep re-inventing themselves. The challenge is to adjust the business model to new trends and economic or industry developments, stay innovative, attract talent and grow revenues.

Typical questions to ask yourself

  • Is the business model still up to date? When will it be necessary to make changes/adjustments?
  • What are the areas with growth potential?
  • Do you intend to expand abroad?
  • Do you have a business strategy for a digital world?
  • How can you ensure the company’s long-term innovative strength?
  • Are your products & services competitive; are they efficiently developed?
  • What are your products’ lifecycles?
  • Is the pricing for your products and services up to date? Has it allowed for increasing costs of raw materials or people costs?
  • What is your response to manager/employee shortages?

How we can help

  • Challenge the company’s strategy/business model:
  • Concentration vs. diversification
  • International expansion
  • Product/service innovation
  • Digital transformation
  • Support with internationalisation. What is the right structure from a tax, liability law and co-determination rights perspective?
  • Develop pricing strategies – analyse the costs, the brand, leverage the company’s USPs
  • Talent management, e.g. identifying key p

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Suzi Woolfson
UK Private Business market leader
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Contact us

Suzi Woolfson
UK Private Business market leader, PwC United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 7213 5030

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