Fast growth companies programme stage 3 – Scale up

Where are you now?

Your business has secured sufficient funding to go to market and drive market share. Your revenues are growing and there is now rapidly increasing international demand for your product. This is a crucial phase of your business and the doorway to sustained growth. You will typically need a more substantial injection of cash to build on your initial impact in the marketplace, or help your business towards a step change in growth.

What are your challenges?

Growth brings with it new challenges for your business. The initial pains of starting the business are behind you but to ensure that you continue to thrive you need to stay ahead of industry trends and continue to develop your products and services. Here are some key things to consider:

  • Overtrading and the associated pressures on working capital are real risks to the business. Having visibility over your cash flow on a timely basis is vital to staying above water
  • Meeting increased investor expectations on the sustained growth of the business
  • Reporting and compliance requirements, particularly as you expand rapidly into overseas territories
  • Ensuring your business processes are robust and flexible enough to adapt and control the speed of your growth.

How we can help

The issues you face might be new to you, but we can share the knowledge gained through helping our other clients who have been in a similar situation.

PwC delivers focused assurance and tax services to growing businesses. In addition to core audit and tax advice, you will benefit from experts in areas such as systems implementation, indirect taxation, HR and transaction support.

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