Private Business - inorganic growth

Acquisitions are a significant investment for a company that also involves a lot of risks. Acquisitions must be planned thoroughly and integrated fast to achieve the desired synergies. Selling a business or parts of a business have to be handled effectively.

Typical questions

  • What markets have the greatest potential?
  • Does an acquisition fit with the family’s history and values?
  • Is the desired business “healthy”?
  • What is a suitable purchase price?
  • Is the transaction optimally arranged from a tax perspective?
  • How should the purchase be financed?
  • What legal risks are associated with this, particularly for the contract design?
  • Are there any potential compliance aspects in new markets that need to be taken into account?
  • What leadership structures does your business need for this?
  • Do you have the resources for rapid integration?

How we can help

  • Due diligence activities to analyse markets and companies
  • Evaluation of the company, purchase price and contract design, financial reporting
  • Ensure compliance with all legal requirements
  • Support with the integration/carve-out of companies and parts of companies, specifically
    • efficient and quick integration/carve-out
    • identification of top performers and management audits (who should stay?)
    • communication with all stakeholders
    • drafting/amendment of employment contracts
    • harmonisation and standardisation of processes, structures, systems 
    • internal/external reporting requirements

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