What does a perfect pitch deck look like?

I’m often asked this by founders and startup management teams. The pressure to get it right is understandable - everything depends on it.

Within the PwC Raise | Ventures team, we see about 3000 decks a year and there are some mistakes we see over and over again, which can seriously dent your chances of securing investment or even that first meeting with potential investors.

A great deck is a win for everyone. It will increase your chances of raising investment and save investors time in being able to give you a quick answer on whether or not they might be a good fit for you. Below I've shared a high level overview which can be used as a starting point for what should go in and how it should look.

Remember - the perfect pitch deck will not tell the whole life-story of your business. You want to keep it between 10 and 15 pages long, roughly the length of a 5 minute presentation. Try to keep your answers to a single slide. See it as the hook to generate interest and secure the meeting. That’s when you get to go into much more detail.

Our deck shows slide by slide how you can prepare a perfect pitch.

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