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Family businesses usually grow over time. Different activities and developments will require at some point to simplify and standardise your internal structures and processes. Efficiency, modern organisational structures, talent management as well as quality standards become more important in a competitive environment.

Typical questions

  • Where can you reduce costs?
  • Do your administrative departments work efficiently and with a focus on the customer?
  • Do you have a streamlined supply chain?
  • Do you have transparency in relation to your procurement volume?
  • Are your processes standardised throughout the group?
  • Are guidelines and requirements uniformly followed throughout the group (governance of subsidiaries)?
  • Do you use uniform systems and tools?
  • Are you satisfied with your master data quality?
  • Do you have the right employees?
  • Are they encouraged in a goal-oriented way?

How we can help

  • Benchmark organisational structures, processes and systems based on best practices and reduce complexity
  • Improve efficiency and standardise processes in the entire group, ensure compliance with set standards / governance
  • Analysis the cost of back-office functions and reduce cost, e.g. in the areas of finance, HR, IT, purchasing, and tax
  • Set-up lean core processes, e.g. supply chain management, sourcing, ensure sustainability
  • Set up efficient master data management, ensure quality
  • Determine location of  services provided in line with the companies strategy, e.g. shared services

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