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Increasing complexity and transparency requirements force company's to comply with all relevant laws and regulations in an efficient way. A transparent and flexible system is needed that provides all information, clearly assigns responsibilities and can be adjusted to meet new regulations without incurring major costs.

Typical Questions

  • Are significant risks identified at an early stage and reduced by taking countermeasures?
  • Have specific losses/risks from the past been identified that were not recognised before they arose?
  • What effective monitoring systems (internal control systems, compliance, quality) do you have?
  • Are central company data/IT secure? Do you meet all legal requirements?
  • Do you have an internal audit department?
  • Have there been cases of fraud in the past?
  • How do you protect your intellectual property and your managers and employees?
  • What risks have you covered by means of insurance policies?

How we can help

  • Set up standardised processes and controls in an internal control system and monitor the effectiveness of the controls
  • Establish a risk management system to identify and assess significant business risks at an early stage and take corresponding countermeasures
  • Integration of governance, risk and compliance management systems
  • Improve efficiency of the internal audit department
  • Support with IT security/data protection
  • Forensic data analyses
  • Ensure insurance coverage
  • Sustainability

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