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Connect. Learn. Lead.

We all learn from each other, whether it’s those people who have gone before us, or the people around us today who we trust. These connections and relationships are fundamental to each of us as we shape our future.

As part of PwC’s Next Gen Club, you’ll become part of a UK and international network of people to support you as you choose your leadership path. Some Club members will be facing the same questions and challenges. Others will have been there and done it. One thing's for certain though, they’ll all be powerful connections who can share experience, insight and expertise. They’ll know what it takes to run a business, create a philanthropic enterprise, or embrace new technology and ways of working. They’ll know people you can work with. People who can help you grow and evolve your own business. Or start building your own legacy.

And you’ll be able to draw on the connections of the wider PwC network - whether that’s local or  global educational institutions, established businesses, charities, industry bodies, professional networks and more. You’ll meet people who understand technology and innovation; people who can help you find investment opportunities; people who can help you understand the fast-paced, dynamic and evolving world that we’re all part of today.

Whichever direction you want to take, the Next Gen Club will help you build connections and turn your ambitions into action.


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