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When things move fast or you face new challenges ahead, you want someone who is as easy to work with as you are. We are your PwC.

Ben Handley, Private Business London and stand-up

When BW Interiors, a London-based office fit-out and refurbishment provider, had an important deal on the table, they chose to work with Ben at PwC. It could be because Ben is a nice chap who likes simple language (and thinks he is pretty funny having done stand up in his spare time). Or it could be that they wanted a seamless approach that brought together pragmatic tax and legal advice all in one place. Or both. Either way, for BW it meant Ben and the PwC team were easy to work with.


Ben’s helped the management team implement the next exciting phase of their journey and gear up for growth. Whether it’s advice on structuring or just a quick call to help things along, BW know the PwC team are by their side and no matter what the issue, Ben can bring the best of PwC to quickly answer their questions. And hopefully have a bit of a laugh along the way too.

“Until I met Ben and the PwC team, I didn’t know you worked with businesses like ours and could provide a one stop shop for tax and legal services. I am delighted with what you’ve helped us achieve.”

Andrew Bradley Finance Director (and owner), BW Interiors

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