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Chris Ward, Private Business Milton Keynes and business advisor

Chris has spent his career working with private businesses, like yours, so he knows he can help when you ask, and maybe even when you don't. That is why he likes to stay in touch. He thinks it is important to have someone who can think through issues with you as you grow. It might be as simple as benefiting from R&D tax credits or as complex as restructuring for succession, whatever the issue, Chris (and his extensive network) can help you find a practical solution.

Take PJ Care, a leading provider of specialist neurological care, a family business Chris works with. They were looking to undertake succession planning from the founder, Jan, to son Neil, who now runs the business. Chris and his team helped PJ Care with their structuring to meet their commercial objectives in a tax efficient way with HMRC approval. The PJ Care and PwC relationship continues with Chris introducing people to help in other areas including advice on their exciting new care home development and recently becoming their auditors.

It's reassuring to hear a friendly voice at the end of the phone but even better when you can discuss your plans in person.

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