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Whether it’s a path to growth or planning to hand over your business, it helps to have a guide who’s been there before. We are your PwC

Dipan Shah, Private Business London and family advisor

We know when it comes to building, growing and even handing over your business, you want someone with you for the long run. Someone to help you work through the day-to-day and help make things happen. To help you navigate uncertainty and plot a course so that you and your business can carry on moving forward and growing.

Someone to help talk through those really big decisions. How do you grow the business and hold the family together. How might you handover the business but continue to protect and provide for family in the future. Dipan is a sounding board for many private businesses and their owners. Take for instance his relationship with Splendid Hospitality Group, owners and operators of 19 hotels across the UK. His relationship with Splendid spans generations of family. He’s helped them on everything from M&A to structuring their business and finding the right talent. He’s worked with them for so long he knows what makes them tick.

“Dipan is always one step ahead, often spotting opportunities for his clients and demonstrating a sound knowledge of the vision of the company and the family business dynamics. Intellectually, Dipan and the team at PwC are superior to others we know in the sector and are genuinely good people to work with, putting the needs of the client first.”

Nadeem Boghani Vice Chairman, Splendid Hospitality Group

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