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Emma Armitage, Private Business London and one step ahead

Emma thinks a lot of the private businesses she works with, which is why she also thinks a lot about protecting their future. Scrutiny from stakeholders, customers, regulators and increasing economic complexity means that your business is under the spotlight more than ever before. You want to feel confident that you have all bases covered.

Working in risk for over twelve years, Emma knows that as your business grows it needs to change. Keeping the strong identity and values you have established and protecting the flexibility and agility that makes you successful. Emma helps private businesses understand their appetite for risk and build flexible programmes to manage these. She knows your business is important and that putting in solid foundations will help you protect it as well as prepare for the next chapter, whatever that might be.

Whether you are going through change such as a listing, preparing for regulatory compliance or you just want to kick the tyres on some of your existing processes. Emma takes the time to understand your ambitions and helps you manage the risks to achieving those in a way that feels appropriate and authentic for you. She gets that you need support not policing.

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