We get that leading can feel lonely

When big decisions or the day-to-day starts to weigh on you and your business, it helps to have someone by your side. We are your PwC

Martin Cowie, Private Business NI and confidante

Whether yours is a family-owned or owner-managed business, we know that sometimes leading can be lonely. That sometimes the pressure of solving today’s challenges can overwhelm planning for tomorrow’s opportunities.


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Martin gets this, and he knows that big decisions can become an elephant in the room. He works with leaders of private businesses and helps them to avoid today’s issues, such as people, productivity and performance, from eroding trust in tomorrow’s direction and a new generation of growth. He gets people talking, he’s a mediator, diplomat, and a sounding board – helping you to do the right thing.

Martin’s clients know he can help them grow, that he can bring the best of PwC locally and from around the world to their doorstep. Whether its markets in Africa, supply-chain in Asia or agriculture in Australia, he combines his knowledge of their business with local insight of his overseas colleagues to make market research personal.


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