We get that it’s about the extra mile

Whether it’s running a marathon or getting your business fit for growth, you want someone to move as quickly as you do. We are your PwC.

Nick Cook, Private Business Yorkshire & pace setter

Over his 18 years at PwC Nick Cook has seen, met and helped a lot of businesses and their owners on their growth journey. He knows the stamina, passion and commitment it takes to run a business, and knows what they need. Whether it’s expanding overseas, gearing up for growth or managing risk and compliance, there aren’t many challenges that he hasn’t seen before.

Nick knows that his clients don’t have time to juggle lots of different relationships. What they want is a sounding board to give them a practical answer quickly. They know that Nick is their go-to person that will pick up the phone to anyone in the local or global PwC network, so that no matter what the issue, there is help at hand. And if that’s helping you train for that next run, he’ll literally go the extra mile with you.

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