We get you’re going global

When you have ambitions to grow and expand overseas, it helps to have someone with a global network at their fingertips. We are your PwC.

Nicola Adlington, Private Business London and connector

We know that when you’ve got big ideas for your business, to grow and expand, it helps to work with someone who can help you realise those big ambitions. Someone to help make your vision a reality. And if you’ve got your sights set on expanding overseas, maybe that means someone who can tap into the collective experience of colleagues across 157 countries. Someone like Nicola.

When Nicola works with her clients, she invests time to get to know them, their business, their people, their values, their vision. She acts as a sounding board, helping her clients weigh up different options. She’ll give them a pragmatic point of view when they want one. She helps them put plans into action, whether it’s structuring the business ready for growth or navigating cross-border tax issues. But most of all they know that Nicola is their go-to person who will pick up the phone to anyone in the local or global PwC network, so that no matter what the issue, there is help at hand.

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