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Discussing the latest trends with your peers is invaluable. It's also easy when you tap into our local private business networks. We are your PwC

Niki Seera, Private Business South East and connector

When your peers and competitors are getting excited about something, you want to know about it. Niki cares about the success of her local private businesses and thinks the best ideas are shared and debated. That is why she gets her clients and expert network together regularly to discuss new trends. She knows your time is precious and getting to grips with the latest issues with other businesses, like yours, will help you get to a solution faster. Sometimes it's not what you know but how you share it. Being an auditor for nearly 20 years, she also likes to make sure the discussion is robust and well-informed, which is why she will bring along an expert or two from her network.

For example, she knows planning for Brexit and specifically trade is a big deal in all sectors which is why she got together local private businesses and Anna Wallace, our leading expert to discuss how it impacts their business. The debate was lively, informative, challenging and with practical, tangible steps that all who attended could benefit from.

Whether convening a debate or providing a second opinion to her clients, with her commercial acumen, Niki knows and has access to the right people to help you get things done.

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