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Our audit technology provides data to make your audit just that, yours. Combined with Paul’s understanding of your business, it becomes insight. We are your PwC.

Paul Cheshire, Private Business Scotland and sounding board

Over his 15 years at PwC, Paul has spent his time working with many private business leaders, he’s got to know them, their teams and stakeholders. While his ‘day job’ may be in audit, many of his clients look to him for insight into their business – whether it’s challenges or opportunities.


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Let’s just put this out there - we know when we say audit, not many people get excited. We get it. But we do (get excited). And that’s because the way in which we approach your audit has changed. We brought all the best, most relevant bits of things we have learned (data technology techniques and nifty things like that) and applied it to what we can do for you. So, a smoother and more efficient process (which probably goes without saying).

But the really exciting bit, the icing on the cake if you like, is that the audit technology gives us data to make your audit uniquely yours. No one audit fits all approach here. Data, when it’s combined with Paul’s understanding of your business, becomes insight that can inform. Inform where there might be efficiencies, gaps. Informs strategy. Some might call that added value, we think of it as a sprinkling of gold dust.



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