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Suzi Woolfson, Private Business and force of nature

To anyone that’s worked with Suzi, they’ll know what we mean when we say she’s a force of nature. Passionate, empathetic and always going the extra mile, she’s the one they turn to for advice and to help make things happen. They value her pragmatism, her practical approach (she’s not one for bringing out the sledgehammer to crack a nut) and know that no matter what the issue or opportunity, Suzi can bring the best of PwC to help them at the right time.

Take for instance how she’s worked with Tangle Teezer, manufacturer and retailer of the now famous hairbrush range. Suzi has been by their side, working with them on their journey of growth, whether that’s helping to get the right team in place, retaining and motivating talent, or structuring the business to grow for example, talking to colleagues from PwC in the UK and China.

"Both myself and the team thoroughly enjoy working with Suzi. I’ve always found her to be most approachable, very knowledgeable and she has provided me with a lot of advice, on many different subjects, over the years. Suzi was also instrumental in helping me find the right Finance Director to enable me to continue to develop the talented management team we have here. I have to say Suzi was a large part of the reason we moved our business to PwC and I look forward to working with her for many years to come"

Matt Lumb Chief Executive Officer, Tangle Teezer.

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