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UK Family Business Outlook

Explore the findings from our interviews with family business leaders

PwC has talked to dozens of family business leaders across the UK. Many had reached a point of inflection. Even as they continued to wrestle with the tumultuous impact of the pandemic - and the increased agility it has demanded of their organisations - family business leaders were also turning their gaze outwards and considering what the past year has taught them about ensuring future success.

In the Family Business Outlook, we delve into the issues that are central to family businesses, both from an ownership and a management perspective, hearing directly from those who are navigating this evolving landscape.

To download your copy of PwC's Family Business Outlook, click below.

"The last twelve months have brought us closer to our key strategic partners and we are now focused on growth. I’m really proud to be working alongside another family company; together we can continue to innovate and build a bright future for our industry."

Tom Reynolds, Head of Food to Go, Reynolds

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Kevin Nicholson

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