Raise Programme

40+ workshop hours, 60+ institutional investors

About the programme

Following the success of earlier programmes, PwC bring you the next iteration of Raise.

Our objective is to make the fundraising process for entrepreneurs and investors as efficient as possible, and minimise the high levels of disruption typically associated with a fundraise for the management team. It's split into three parts.

  • The first part is all about turbo charging your raise by addressing the fundamentals. It consists of 5 days run over two months, where you'll hear best practice from entrepreneurs, investors and our leading adviser. After providing you the templated investor documents, you'll engage 1-on-1 with the delivery team.
  • Next, we get you in front of over 60 institutional investors as part of our Investor Day. Before doing so, we'll work with you on your pitch deck, as well as hone your pitching skills by giving you access to an expert pitch coach and running a practice session with a select group of VCs to nail down the final touches.
  • Once you've received indications of interest, we'll then work with you as part of the fundraising process, guiding you through negotiations and helping you get a deal that's right for your business.

Programme summary

  • Programmes every quarter
  • 5+ days workshops and 1-on-1 support (based in London)
  • 5% success fee of investment raised



  • Strong management team and UK presence
  • Approaching £1m annual revenue and beyond
  • Defensible differentiation 

Programme structure

Part 1 - Intensive workshops (5 days)

Week 1 - Programme launch
Meet the other companies on the programme and the delivery team, receive the templated investor documents and run through best practice for your pitch deck, business plan and due diligence checklists.

Week 2 - Market and value proposition
Nail your value proposition, understand the size of the prize, and how to communicate it in the best way for investors.

Week 3 - Finance and valuation
Deep dive into your financial model and valuation, addressing your business sensitivities and common pitfalls.

Week 4 - Resourcing, team and tech
Understand your teams' needs and requirements, enhance your sales and marketing plan and develop your use of funds outline.

Week 5 - Investor readiness
Develop your use of funds and articulate your investor proposition & return on investment. Practice your pitch deck and receive 1-on-1 business plan reviews.

Part 2 - Investor Engagement

Week 6 - Pitch practice
Receive expert coaching from one of our pitch coaches to prepare for the Investor Day. Consolidate your investor documents.

Week 7 - Investor practice day
The final run through and feedback with a guest investor panel before the big day.

Week 8 - Investor Day
Pitch to over 60 institutional investors over the course of the day.

Part 3 - Close the deal

Ongoing negotiation support
Receive bespoke negotiation and term sheet support from entrepreneurs and leading advisers.

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