Re-financing debt

The debt capital markets are challenging and complex to navigate, and successfully completing a debt offering requires thoughtful planning and execution.

With interest rates remaining at historic lows and ongoing uncertainty in the equity markets, debt financing continues to be a popular avenue for raising capital. Sources of debt financing are changing too. Following the 'credit crunch' and increasing regulation, bank lending has not recovered to its historic levels and companies have increasingly turned to the bond markets.

We can help you consider you options, supporting you with the following:

  • Project management and co-ordination (issuance of debt requires significant executive attention and resources)
  • Defining financial statement requirements, non-GAAP measures, pro forma financial information and non-financial disclosures required for the offering memorandum
  • Advice on regulatory requirements of main listing venues
  • Assistance with the due diligence process
  • Assistance with the drafting of financial sections of the Offering Memorandum
  • Assistance with communications with regulators
  • Structuring and tax advice on the issue of bonds


What’s happening in the debt markets?

What’s happening in the debt markets?

Over the last 12 months, across global debt markets we have seen increased bifurcation between ‘big ticket’ markets and the UK/European mid-market. Generally, the big ticket debt market is more susceptible to global macro-economic sentiment and, whilst you would expect a ‘trickle-down’ impact, the mid-market has generally held up well, bolstered by continuing levels of new liquidity from the prevalence of credit funds.

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