Enterprise Resilience. A business imperative for an era of change

London First and PwC asked leaders in industry about their views on organisational resilience and, specifically, the resilience of their own organisation. In this joint report, we discuss the concept of organisational resilience and share the findings from our research. We identify 4 key findings on the views of operational and strategic enterprise resilience from people who are tasked with delivering it.

Enterprise resilience - why should this be important to business leaders?

  • It’s becoming harder to sustain business success for the long term
  • Business longevity is not just a matter of being able to survive the latest disruption. It is about evolving in the face of change in a dynamic and complex world. 
  • Adaptation – even transformation – requires a strategic vision of change management that rises above the short-term shocks and stresses and delivers long-term competitive advantage.
  • Organisations that embrace change are likely to be much more successful in the long term when compared with those businesses that stick to traditional plans

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