Treasury advisory & commodity management

Currency, cash, commodities and technology - helping you navigate volatility

Companies are managing a wider range of risks and complexities than ever before. Commodity trading, foreign exchange (FX) volatility, market complexity and changing regulations are the new normal. These impact businesses across different industry sectors in different ways, placing CFOs under increased pressure to stay on top of current and emerging issues. Organisations must understand the importance of managing uncertainty and other variables effecting financial performance. 

How we can help

Together, we can help you assess, design and implement improvements to your treasury strategies, structures, processes, organisation, technology and reporting.

Treasury and cash transformation

Develop capabilities to support business requirements:

  • Evaluate performance relative to peers;
  • Determine vision and target operating model;
  • Enhance governance structure and organisational design; and
  • Execute treasury and cash transformation.

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Commodity risk management

Improve management of price risk on key commodity inputs or outputs:

  • Analysis and modelling of risks and development of trading strategy, hedging solutions, risk metrics, valuation techniques and policy; and
  • Development of commodity trading activities including key processes, governance, controls, reporting and organisational responsibilities.

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Treasury and commodity risk technology

Increase automation to enhance insight, efficiency, control and resource utilisation:

  • Develop technology vision and strategy;
  • Define functional requirements and preferred systems; and
  • Implement and integrate systems across treasury and commodity risk activities and geographies.

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Currency and other financial risk management

Reduce volatility of margins, earnings and cash flows:

  • Analyse key risks, particularly foreign currency and interest rate;
  • Determine strategic, operational and financial management and hedging solutions; and
  • Design improved processes, controls, and reporting.

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Accounting and regulation

Manage accounting and regulatory change, achieve compliance and mitigate risk in relation to your Treasury or Commodity risk exposures and transactions.

  • Evaluate requirements and assist in the development of solutions for compliance with revised accounting standards (such as IFRS 9) and financial market regulations; and
  • Develop accounting and disclosure activities.

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Cash management

Improve visibility, control, cost and predictability of cash:

  • Evaluate and select the right banking partners and services;
  • Develop a robust and dynamic cash forecasting regime; and
  • Design and implement in-house banking, payment factory, pooling, and netting structures.

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Enhanced oversight and control over key treasury or commodity risk activities:

  • Review policies and procedures to close gaps, including cybersecurity, fraud risk, internal controls, and board expectations; and
  • Provide internal audit support.

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Supporting deals

Consider treasury and commodity issues in determining deal value then achieve a well-controlled and smooth transition to post-deal operations:

  • Support financial and operational due diligence, day-one planning, and post-day-one integration or separation of activities; and
  • Manage treasury and commodity risk requirements post day-one.

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Continued volatility in foreign exchange rates and commodity prices, more frequent cyber security attacks around payments and new complex accounting standards mean managing uncertainty and variability in financial performance is more important than ever, and are keeping treasury in the spot light.

Yann Umbricht, UK Head of Treasury

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