Searching for buried treasure

Searching for buried treasure

A review of 2015 strategic reporting practices in the FTSE 350

Telling an authentic story

To what extent are companies providing a clear and consistent story?

Measuring what matters

Do companies use relevant performance measures to support their story?

Relevant risk reporting

How specific and detailed have FTSE 350 companies been in their risk reporting?

Looking to the future

Is the forward-looking information companies provide meeting investor needs?

We know how much work goes into producing an annual report, but are you getting rewarded for your efforts? And do your readers also feel the benefit?We have conducted a thorough review of the strategic reports produced by FTSE 350 companies in the period 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015. Our ambition was to understand where the value is in the annual report, what’s still missing and how companies can bring their valuable gems to the fore.

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