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“An opinion you can trust”

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As a society, we need to know that we can trust the businesses and organisations that we depend on. Every day, millions of people make decisions based on the information available to them. However large or small these decisions, auditors have a vital role to play in building that trust. It's an organisation's responsibility to prepare their financial statements in line with the required rules and regulations.

And as auditors, it's our responsibility to gather the right evidence to determine whether the financial statements accurately reflect the organisation's position and performance.

The PwC audit is built on three key principles, so first: intelligent focus. We bring together advanced technology and audit expertise to focus on the risks that matter. Using their industry experience and specialist insight, our teams determine the key risks and uncertainties that could have a material impact on financial statements.

Secondly, rigorous execution. A high quality audit depends on disciplined project management that delivers a well planned audit at the right speed, we manage the flow of information following a clear and transparent process that's underpinned by our global audit platform, Aura. This makes sure that everyone knows what's coming up, what steps to expect, the information we'll need and when we'll need it. And importantly, our meticulous planning allows us to be agile and flexible to deal with the unexpected.

And finally, robust challenge. Challenge is crucial to audit quality. We take the time to understand the organisations we audit, so that we know we're challenging in the right areas and in a meaningful way.

Together, these three principles are what makes a PwC audit, and it's these attributes that underpin high quality. Our people are at the heart of delivering high quality audits. They take pride in what they do and are trained to be professionally sceptical and to challenge where needed. Every aspect of our audit is designed to deliver high quality, ensuring that all stakeholders have the assurance they need in financial reports, and that every audit opinion we sign is an opinion you can trust.

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