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This site provides information regarding the progress of the administrations of BACSL and BSL and will be updated with new information from time to time as it becomes available.

A third bulk transfer to The Share Centre ("TSC") completed on 28 January 2019

The administrators are pleased to announce that a third transfer to TSC completed on 28 January 2019, which has resulted in a further 491 clients receiving a full transfer and 263 clients receiving partial transfers of their client assets and client money. 

This means that over 90% of Beaufort's clients now have access to all or a substantial proportion of their client assets and client money.  

Additionally, the administrators are pleased to announce that they have come to an agreement with a UK broker to sell clients' assets for those clients who wish to do so.  This, alongside the client's ability to select their own broker will help facilitate transfers of clients’ remaining holdings with Beaufort. Further information can be found on the administrators' dedicated Beaufort website under the Distributions section at

Further information on The Share Centre Limited is available on the following TSC websites: and   

We have been made aware of further instances where individuals claiming to be representatives of TSC or Beaufort are offering to assist with the return of the clients' accounts. We request that clients continue to remain vigilant and always act with caution when receiving communications in relation to the administration. Please contact the helpdesk using the official channels if in doubt.

Phone: 0800 063 9283 (UK) or +44 (0)20 7293 0227


The Joint Administrators and Special Administrators continue to provide regular updates on this website, please click on the links shown below to provide you with further information if you are a Client or a Supplier:

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