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Transfer of over 300 clients to AFH Private Wealth on 6 November 2018 and over 3,000 clients to The Share Centre on 12 November 2018 taking total assets distributed to over £300 million and total money distributed to over £35 million - 13 November 2018

The administrators are pleased to announce that over 300 of Beaufort’s clients have now been transferred to the second nominated broker, AFH Private Wealth. This was followed by a transfer of more than 3,000 further client portfolios to the original nominated broker, The Share Centre (in addition to the approximately 12,000 client portfolios that were transferred to The Share Centre in September 2018). These recent transfers of over £150 million of assets and nearly £20 million of money take the total of assets distributed to over £300 million and total money distributed to over £35 million.

The above means that over 85% of Beaufort’s 17,500 clients now have access to all or a substantial proportion of their client assets and client money. This represents a significant milestone in the Beaufort special administration. The administrators are implementing further processes to enable distributions to the remaining clients, including the transfer of assets and money to clients’ own selected brokers, as well as further transfers to the nominated brokers.

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