Interested Parties

Proposed sale process with respect to certain Carillion contracts 


The Special Managers have assessed the options available in relation to the sale of certain contracts of the Carillion Companies and related assets with the objective of delivering a smooth transition of the Carillion Companies’ public sector contracts and realising the assets of the Carillion Companies in a timely manner for the benefit of creditors.

As a result, the Special Managers identified a number of contract packages that were offered for sale as part of Project Rome (whether as a group of contracts or by selling the shares in the appropriate company(ies)).  The list below sets out contract packages that have completed or are in advanced discussions as part of Project Rome. 


Contract Package 1 - Facilities management contracts with corporate, governmental and public sector customers nationally - complete

Contract Package 2 - Facilities management contracts in Northern Ireland - complete

Contract Package 3 - M40 maintenance contract - complete

Contract Package 4 - SkyBlue recruitment business - complete

Contract Package 5 - Network Rail contract - complete

Contract Package 6 - Carillion Advice Services - complete

Contract Package 7 - Carillion Fleet Management - complete


All contract package disposals have been completed and no new opportunities are expected to arise.

Please note the online form has now been closed to new registrations. We have handled over 800 registered expressions of interest and we would like to thank all parties for taking the time and effort in the Project Rome process to date.


The Special Managers are acting as agents of the Carillion Companies and without personal liability and neither they, their firm, partners, employees, advisers, representatives or agents, nor the Liquidator, shall incur any personal liability whatsoever in respect of any of the terms of this notice or the Project Rome sale process, or in respect of any obligations undertaken by the Carillion Companies. No provision of this notice shall give rise to a claim ranking as an expense of the liquidations of the Carillion Companies.

None of the Carillion Companies, the Special Managers, PwC or the Liquidator will be bound (or liable) to proceed with any offer made by an interested party or any transaction, the process, and/or to further negotiate the terms thereof. None of Carillion Companies, the Special Managers, PwC or the Liquidator will be under any obligation to accept, review or consider any proposal or offer submitted, nor are they under any obligation to accept the highest offer submitted, or any offer at all.

Each of the Special Managers and PwC reserves the right, at any time and at its sole and absolute discretion, to: (i) withhold, supplement or amend any information provided in writing or transmitted orally; (ii) alter, amend, suspend or terminate the process at any stage; (iii) terminate discussions with any prospective purchaser; (iv) reject any offer made by any prospective purchaser; (v) proceed without giving reasons or notice with bilateral discussions and unequal sharing of information with one or more parties; (vi) enter into special arrangements with any interested party or any prospective purchaser without notifying other interested parties or other prospective purchasers; (vii) negotiate with any other party (regardless of whether or not such party has participated in the process); and (viii) change or cancel any other aspect of the process at any time, without liability for the Special Managers, PwC, the Carillion Companies or the Liquidator or their respective affiliates (including but not limited to any of their employees, managers, officers, directors or other representatives) for any damage or costs incurred any interested party.



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