Preparing for recovery: overcome the challenges ahead

UK businesses are feeling optimistic, but need a clear strategy and the right tools for the hurdles still to come


After 12 months of uncertainty and challenge, UK business leaders have spoken and they’re ready to return to growth. We surveyed 400 business leaders and management to see how businesses were preparing for their recovery and their view of the path back to normality.

Yet behind the resilience and optimism challenges still exist. To capitalise on the opportunities ahead, businesses need to be using the tools and strategies available to them to their full effect. Our findings uncovered areas where businesses may be vulnerable in the road ahead. We explore these, along with the steps that can best support them on the path to sustainable growth.

Our report covers:

  • The pitfalls hampering recovery: what is the outlook for the months ahead?
  • Hope vs reality: How can we close the gap between where firms want to be and where they are now?
  • The actions needed for a return to growth: What steps will best help firms overcome the hurdles ahead?

“To survive, firms need a dose of realism to counter their optimism.”

Steve RussellHead of Business Restructuring Services, PwC UK

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