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Differentiating ourselves by bringing end-to-end technology enabled business solutions to the market

Accelerate growth and create business value through technology innovation

PwC's focus on solving strategic business issues coupled with DXC’s enterprise scale digital services, provide our clients with solutions that connect business strategy through to operational execution. PwC with DXC provide end-to-end services that help clients to knit together complex digital technologies to address real world business challenges.

From strategy through to execution

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“The solution to today’s business problems require a mix of transformed business operating models, new digital solutions and updated organisational capabilities. We recognise that not all these skills reside in any single firm and our partnership with DXC gives us access to a world class technology partner that has the experience to create and run industrial scale digital solutions. This allows us to truly offer solutions from strategy through to execution."

Warren Tucker, PwC Partner

Our combined digital solutions drive business value

Digital Transformation for business

PwC and DXC are in the business of driving business outcomes through the use of digital technologies to streamline processes, remove complexity and to bring agility to the way the organisation works.

The combination of PwC’s business transformation experience, DXC’s world class technology capabilities and our combined relentless focus on delivering a great experience to the target audience of the change makes us stand out from the crowd.

Cloud Migration

The business outcomes of cost efficiencies and agility to accelerate business change are well known benefits of moving technologies to the cloud. DXC bring the capabilities and experience of doing this in complex legacy environments.

These are complex change programmes in their own right with a multitude of business and technology stakeholders. When DXC's skills are combined with PwC's Programme Management and Governance expertise we see significant reduction in risk with the outcomes being delivered faster and in the right sequence.

Enterprise Apps

Both PwC and DXC have considerable expertise in helping clients improve their business performance through modernising and adjusting the way they work with their core Enterprise Software Solutions.

We work together across the main applications including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce and Workday to assist clients on the business transformation, business integration, systems deployment and applications management activities required for an end-to-end journey to delivering business value.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

PwC's strategic understanding of our clients, their processes and the environment they are working in informs our approach to automation and RPA in particular.

We advise on the full spectrum of operating model,  process, people and system transformations and develop RPA solutions when they are an appropriate response given the constraints of the business.

DXC support us in this as they provide the enterprise and industrial scale platform to manage fleets of robots and bring order to what can often be a chaotic deployment of RPA solutions across the enterprise.


PwC's world class Analytics capabilities are used by clients to address complex business issues through the use of advanced analytics on top of massive sets of both structured and unstructured data.

To operationalise these insights so that clients can benefit from them on a daily, hourly and by the minute basis requires us to partner with DXC and benefit from their deep expertise in managing data across enterprise and legacy environments on an ongoing basis.

Workplace & Mobility

Jobs will change, but the need for a workforce will not. DXC brings experience of implementing the latest digital workplace solutions to the largest organisations on the planet.

To deliver a material shift in business performance however requires people to redefine the way they work, to collaborate differently and to make use of the available technology.

This change doesn’t happen by accident and requires the skills and experience of PwC to support the business change.   

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