What Google do

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube. Alongside a set of management tools, it provides, a series of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytic, big data, Internet of things, network, security, machine learning and developer tools.

G Suite includes Gmail, Drive, Docs and Hangouts, which hundreds of million consumers use daily, has been improved and bundled into the ‘G Suite’ set of business applications. Making maximum use of mobile and cloud technologies, G Suite make it possible for clients to use familiar tools to ‘work the way they live’, by connecting, sharing and collaborating anywhere, on any device and in real time.

Google invented “big data” and most tools for understanding our information invented either directly or indirectly at Google. This has allowed Google to maintain its 91% market share in the Search Engine industry for the past five years. Google also has the longest track record in applied “machine learning”. Their algorithms leverage the learning capabilities invented over the past two decades in search to deliver applications, such as, text analysis, speech recognition, dynamic translation and image analysis.

What PwC do

Strategy through execution - as with all our technology alliances, our job is to determine the right business strategy for you, then ensure you have the best and most relevant technology to achieve it. In other words, it’s about technology as an enabler, and a means to deliver a successful strategy. In developing that strategy, we bring all our expertise to bear, from market and industry insight to professional know-how in areas like digital, cloud services, customer strategy, operations, finance, tax, and HR.  And once the right technology is identified, we help you get the most from your investment and implement it, so your business is leaner, smarter with more agility and you get the benefits faster.

How we work with Google

The Google Alliance is one of our newest global partnerships, having started in 2014. We’re evolving the way we go to market together, and have collaborated on joint propositions in the Google Cloud Platform and G Suite technologies and by embracing this, clients can take advantage it offers in terms of business model, innovation and improved use of technology. The need for client advice in this area is typically triggered when clients are considering data centre options, or infrastructure investments, outsourcing contact renewal, large system replacement, application development or responding to a data loss or cyber risk issues.

PwC is working with Google across all sectors to build agile, cloud-based solutions that can sit alongside clients’ existing systems. This allows us to rapidly deploy solutions to drive digital transformation, incorporating emerging technologies, such as “machine learning”. We achieve this through a rapid 8 to 12 week innovation approach that creates immediate benefits and value.

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