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Digital Enablement Solution: Automate the enablement of your people powered by Salesforce

Our Digital Enablement Solution - powered by Salesforce,  provides real-time insight into employee’s engagement, technical proficiency and employee satisfaction. 75% of front office transformations fail to achieve ROI. It’s not a tech issue, it’s an adoption and user training experience problem that companies run into on a regular basis.

Key Features and Benefits

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View analytics in real-time, learn and iterate

Get the insights from the Digital Enablement dashboard and turn them into actionable programme and technology improvements.

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Better tracking, less risk

Remove the guesswork of our transformation ROI and clearly understand how you are tracking towards your business outcomes. To track the enablement of people, we use our habit building formula: the right motivations, the right skills and the right tools.

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Putting insights centre-stage

Make insights easily accessible to key program leaders, sponsors and stakeholders. Pre-configured enablement dashboards have been designed to ensure they are consumable for both program teams and leadership. Additional dashboards and reports can be created by program teams.

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Better understand your employees with less effort

User 360 provides a dashboard to understand your people’s enablement by level of engagement, proficiency and tool satisfaction.

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Hit the ground running

The Solution comes equipped with a repository of tested behavioural personas and campaigns. Simply select which campaigns are relevant and customize them to fit your transformation.

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Ability to track effectiveness of B2E campaigns to iterate approach

Contact us

David Allen

David Allen

Partner - Customer Led Transformation, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7843 334629

Gabrielle Lee

Gabrielle Lee

Salesforce Alliance Director, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7715 033739

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