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PwC in conversation with Capita: Including the whole organisation in B2B transformation

David Allen Partner - Customer Led Transformation, PwC United Kingdom

Employees' experience is critical to successful transformation for next gen B2B organisations

I recently came across an inspiring article written by my US colleagues about six ways to revitalise sales and marketing for business-to-business organisations, in light of the economic and societal changes we’re experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

It immediately reminded me of the issues raised in a recent talk I gave with my friend Ismail Amla, chief growth officer at Capita, for a Salesforce Live event. We spoke about how to become a next-generation B2B business that can thrive in today’s economy, a subject close to both of us from working together on a transformation project for Capita’s sales and marketing function.

While working with Capita, we touched on all six of the points that my US colleagues raised. But the one that really resonated with me was the final point in the article: Measure the impact of your efforts on customer and employee experiences.

Bringing all of your customers and employees with you on a transformation journey is crucial to a project’s success. You must understand the challenges they face every day. Only then will you be able to ensure that new processes and technology will help them to work better.

The most crucial aspects of Capita’s transformation were around changing behaviours, then figuring out how the new technology – a implementation – could enable employees to measure and reach the larger goals of cross-organisation communication and growth.

The Capita sales team was hugely affected by the switch to During our chat, Ismail and I heard from Debbie Brockbank, a leader in the Capita sales team, to get her views on the change. (Hear Debbie's opinion in our 'Benefits' video shown below.)

She acknowledged that while she was initially excited to hear that Capita was implementing a new organisation-wide CRM system, she was also concerned about changing long-established sales processes. However, now that Salesforce is in place, she’s noticed the team has greater insights into their customers – what they’re buying and what they’re talking about with sales reps. The new system also allows her to hold her team accountable for growth goals and improves her ability to work with other teams to support company-wide objectives. Perhaps the best news is that she’s seeing these benefits from the transformation project just months after its completion.

Evidence like this about the positive effect you can have on people’s jobs and lives, through effective management and use of technology, is so rewarding. If we hadn’t listened to the concerns of Debbie and her other sales and marketing colleagues from the very beginning of the transformation project, and made a priority of measuring the impact of the project on them, we’d never have been able to help Capita achieve its goals so quickly.

To learn more about how we helped Capita transform into a next-generation B2B organisation, watch our videos below:

Beyond change: How Capita and PwC are creating growth through customer connections

Hear David Allen, Customer Led Transformation Partner at PwC UK discuss one of his recent projects - working with Capita to transform how they interact with their customers and create real growth through these customer connections. Joined by Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer at Capita, hear about the project, the introduction of Salesforce, and why this isn’t just a technology story, but really a story about changing how people work together.

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