PwC achieves Vanguard status in Kennedy's IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting

  • “PwC’s IT infrastructure practice provides advisory services on strategy through execution, including cost and operational optimization, vendor sourcing strategies, and developing systems and methods to securely manage IT infrastructure environments.”
  • “PwC will pull in experts from tax, assurance and risk assurance service lines. This increases the value the client received by getting an IT infrastructure transformation solution that not only addresses the IT aspect, but also considers the implications of all tax laws, audit requirements and risk level.”
  • “PwC’s across- the- board formidable IT infrastructure transformation are led by firms IT organization and governance transformation advisory offerings, which outperform those of other firms in this peer group.”
  • “PwC is particularly strong in ensuring IT governance and business continuity & disaster recovery are key elements of the overall transformation.”
  • “Clients note PwC’s strengths in its ability to generate actionable recommendations and quickly and efficiently involve the right people across the client organisation during an IT infrastructure transformation.”

*ALM Media Properties, Kennedy Consulting research & Advisory, IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting, Feb 2015