Agile Transformation

An Agile strategy for your whole organisation

Change is constant and at times unnervingly rapid. Now you need to lead your organisation through disruption and ensure it has a future on the other side, as well as learning to understand new terms, accountabilities and ways of working. Our targeted approach, agile accelerators, sequenced implementation and investment in your people and culture are what will help you to a successful agile organisational transformation.

That means tackling how and where your people will work and delivering the technology, skills and culture they need to do so. But it also means addressing how your whole organisation must work, how you increase productivity, create greater value for your customers, communities and society and deliver experiences for your people that align with their needs and your goals and objectives. Doing nothing is not an option. Acting now will give you the greatest opportunity to transform and grow more effectively.

Together, we can create an agile strategy that works for your organisation, to not only lead the way today but have the agility and resilience you need to stay ahead into the future. Done right, the results can be startling: more innovative solutions, faster to market, lower development costs and with stronger employee engagement. Some organisations have even begun to implement wholly agile organisational models. However, these agile purist models are rarely right for most workforces, and a more targeted, tailored, approach tends to yield better business results for the majority.

Implementing agile organisational structures also means developing and growing the right skills, cultures and behaviours, supported by strong leadership for change.

Agile moves beyond IT software development

The concept of Agile principles has moved beyond Agile software development.

We believe that in order to become truly Agile as a company it requires all parts of the organisation to change, deploying concepts from Marketing to HR to Lean Finance and Risk management.

However, at the core of reaching Enterprise Agility is still building world-class engineering capabilities. Renewing IT architecture is irrevocably bound to automating IT delivery processes and the way engineers work in teams with the business.

Enterprise Agility should never be a purpose in itself but rather look at Agile as a mean to realise a purpose.

There is not a one-size fits all model and approach for reaching Enterprise Agility. Depending on strategic objectives, Agile frameworks and concepts need to be tailored to the organisational context in which it operates.

Difference in “doing” vs. “being” Agile

Striving towards Enterprise Agility means embracing fundamentally different assumptions.

For traditional managers, the process usually isn’t comfortable. It isn’t easy. At the outset, it feels just wrong. It’s like learning a strange foreign language. It is only over time and through actual experience and practice that Agile becomes second nature and automatic.

Enterprise Agility is not just about “doing Agile” it’s about “being Agile.”

Agility Transformation

The organisational structure looks like a network of high performing autonomous self-organised teams around end to end value streams strategically aligned around purpose and objectives.

All teams work in the same cadence with a streamlined short-cycled Lean planning and decision making ecosystem that enables them to follow an incremental iterative approach and Agile way of working.

Everybody in the organisation is obsessed with delivering value to the customer and has a continuous improvement mindset supported by fast and frequent feedback loops.

The organisation strives towards a highly automated delivery capability with software, platforms and infrastructure as a service.

Equipping leadership with strong vision, a compelling story, to empower teams with a focus on well being of employees and communities.

We’ve got experience in transforming organisations to agile and helped them realise their purposes.

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