MCA Awards 2017 - Shortlisted and winning projects

We’ve been recognised by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) with the following winners and shortlisted people and projects. This is our way of celebrating how clients and consultants working together can achieve results.

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Climate and Development Knowledge Network

Winner: International

For many years some developing countries have been conspicuously absent from the climate negotiations. We created a support service system that delivered training, as well as technical and strategic advice that allowed these countries to influence the international climate talks. In December 2015, 195 governments signed the Paris Climate Agreement, the landmark global climate change agreement. The work marked a radical change in the way international negotiations work, and bought a lasting impact on the future of our planet.

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Department for International Development in Ukraine, shortlisted: international


Department for International Development in Ukraine

Shortlisted: International

In 2014 Ukraine was facing conflict, endemic corruption, stifling bureaucracy  and a straightjacketed economy. The UK Department for International Development contracted PwC to deliver a wide-ranging reform programme. Together with our colleagues in Ukraine we accomplished 20 successful reform projects resulting in savings for the government, tackling corruption and improving accountability.

The Confederation of British Industry

Highly Commended: Best Use of Thought Leadership

In the run-up to the EU referendum, there was real need for analysis of the economic impacts a ‘leave’ decision could have. Businesses faced a journey into the unknown, with little evidence or insight to help them plan. The CBI asked us to undertake a complex modelling exercise to show what a post-EU world might look like.

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TUI Group and The Travel Foundation

Shortlisted: Social and Environmental Value

Our clients wanted to better understand the impact of tourism on a destination. After hearing about the Total Impact Measurement & Management framework (TIMM), they asked us to test an approach that would define what a sustainable destination might look like by holistically looking at the economic, tax, environmental and social impacts of tourism. The outcome of the pilot in Cyprus provided all parties with a unique, fully developed insight into how tourism affects destinations, and how they can act to maximise the positives, tackle any negatives and deliver sustainable tourism that benefits society.

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Welsh Water

Shortlisted: Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

Welsh Water wanted to explore how it could significantly reduce costs while keeping customers happy. As a not-for-profit organisation, reducing costs means that Welsh Water can keep bills down and continue to invest in services for its customers. We supported their retail programme to reduce their cost to serve, improve customer interaction and engage employees to create a performance focused culture. We worked together as one high-performing PwC-Welsh Water team. There was an honest, open and challenging relationship at all levels, as we worked hand-in-hand to deliver results.

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‘Consulting Excellence’ shortlisted and winning categories

PwC’s culture is built on acting ethically, responsibly and with integrity to do the right thing. Being committed to the advancement of the Consulting profession as a whole is of paramount importance to us, and as such we’re committed to and recognized by the MCA for the following ‘Consulting Excellence’ principles:

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