MCA Awards 2019 - Shortlisted & winning individuals and projects

We’ve been recognised by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) with the following shortlisted & winning individuals and projects.
This is our way of celebrating how clients and consultants working together can achieve results.

Shortlisted & winning individuals

Anjum Hakim

Anjum Hakim

Winner: Outstanding achievement & Times Consultant of the Year

Anjum brings excellence and enthusiasm to PwC’s Digital and Technology Transformation practice, enabling clients to exploit digital technology to solve Government’s most pressing challenges. She demonstrates a deep personal commitment to delivering outstanding results, and builds trusting relationships across the most complex public sector technology programmes.

The ultimate team player, Anjum brings limitless energy and drive to the challenge, as she does to all initiatives across our global network. She leads a number of student programmes and is passionate about inspiring others to develop a diverse pipeline of technology talent. Anjum truly is a wonderful ambassador for our firm and our purpose.

Danny Clink

Danny Clink

Highly Commended: Young Consultant of the Year

Danny is an exceptional junior consultant in our Strategy& team, PwC’s global strategy consulting practice. He is an all-round and consistently strong performer, and he has played a critical role in the sale and delivery of a number of the firm’s high-profile strategic projects that are at the intersection of old industries and new technology. He delivers outstanding impact to clients.

Danny demonstrates strong leadership, logical thinking, organisational skills and a commitment to mentoring junior colleagues. He is fully trusted by senior management to take ownership and deliver considered, high-quality output on both familiar and new topics. For peers and juniors alike, Danny provides an inspiring benchmark of quality, as well as being a charming and supportive team member. He is also active in the community aspects of the business, a regular contributor to functional and sector meetings, and the (winning) captain of our recent EMEA-wide Strategy& football cup.

San Misra

San Misra

Shortlisted: Innovation Consultant of the Year

Whilst in design school, his first proper job was to design packaging for the leading cosmetic brands. From the world of lip colour pens, he moved into crafting digital solutions and experiences. Though they sound very different, both require applying ‘design thinking’ to make things better for real people; and both involve applying the right technologies. The allure of solving bigger and more complex problems brought him into management consulting.

At first, he consciously worked across sectors to understand the nuances of human-centred problem solving. Now, he focuses on the public sector. He still applies design thinking to solve problems at a societal scale. And more often than not, it involves new and emerging technologies and newer ways of working.

Most recently, he has been tackling the challenge of building the capability and culture of innovation in public sector organisations. The end results of these initiatives include a digitised SEN (special education needs) transport solution, social media chatbots for accessing council services, and gamification at work.

Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell

Shortlisted: Young Consultant of the Year

Arthur is one of Strategy&’s top performers and a role model for junior consultants. He has repeatedly been rated as a truly distinctive performer and was promoted early to manager. Arthur has helped to sell and lead some of our team’s highest-profile strategy projects, and has been a driving force in the creation of our Distributed Energy team helping our clients to navigate the heavily disrupted energy markets. Outside of client work, Arthur is a key member of our strategy community, helping to drive improvement initiatives and training junior members.

Arthur is always willing to take on increasing responsibility to help further our position in the market. Working directly with the COO from pitch through to delivery, Arthur brought together a very junior team to create a global framework for investments in the innovative cleantech space. The work itself is used internally as an example of the qualities we seek to deliver, and was awarded the Best Strategy Project at the internal Strategy& Awards last year.

Tom Woodham

Tom Woodham

Shortlisted: Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Tom is the leader in our digital supply chain team. He has introduced his clients to new ways of challenging the status quo, from creating a leading-edge 2025 supply chain strategy to exploring the ‘art of the possible’ in warehousing technology.

Tom has been key to re-framing and generating a number of compelling supply strategies; his insights have greatly influenced how the supply chain of the future should look. He is particularly adept at getting his teams to embrace optimisation, be it including smart sensors on engine stands or adopting alternative storage solutions for slow moving inventory – approaches that have delivered significant incremental value.

He repeatedly builds and supports project teams that are recognised as being the highest performing, and has developed our supply chain team into a cohesive group focused around key digital supply chain messages.

Shortlisted & winning projects


Winner: Change and Transformation in the Private Sector

In 2016, Ofgem took on the formal sponsorship of Project Nexus in order to ensure the replacement of the UK Link gas settlement system, which was currently underway, was implemented to get the best possible outcome for consumers. Ofgem engaged PwC to ensure the programme was delivered successfully.

This programme was the most significant change in the UK gas market since competition started, and with Ofgem, PwC helped to drive change across 40+ gas market participants, Xoserve (who are the central data service provider for the UK gas market and owned the design, build and deployment of the UK Link system as part of this programme) and Ofgem.

Ofgem and PwC delivered this through leading and driving key aspects of the programme such as, establishing an industry-wide PMO, leading pan-industry market trials, working closely with the energy market participants and through utilising tried and true PwC methodologies like Winning Teams and Perform, as well as intelligent use of data and technology.

In the 15 months since the go-live, the Nexus programme has enabled 5 million customer switches, the inclusion of 14 new gas industry participants, and the successful calculation and billing of 29,000 invoices for gas transmission charges to the value of £3bn from more than 300 million data points.

Baker Hughes, a GE company

Highly Commended: Commercial Excellence

In 2017, Baker Hughes and GE Oil & Gas finalised a merger, creating the world’s first and only full stream oil and gas company. The separation of GE Oil & Gas from the wider GE business required creation of a standalone, world-class Finance Function to prepare BHGE for future separation from GE and to contribute to their savings target.

We spearheaded the finance transformation, redefining their operating model for a function of 3,600 people in under a year, and supporting Finance leadership to achieve 20% savings. This was made possible by an innovative commercial model that enabled a different way of working with a focus on speedy and tangible benefits realisation.


Shortlisted: Performance Improvement in the Private Sector

In August 2014, Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse merged to create Dixons Carphone plc – a leading multinational consumer electrical and mobile retailer and services company. With a variety of different systems in use following the merger, there was a need for the business to establish a standardised, efficient Finance platform environment. This would set them up for success, and build a platform for growth.

We embarked on an ambitious 18-month ‘1Finance4Business’ transformation project with Dixons Carphone: to provide a ‘single source of the truth’ for the client’s diverse operations. An Agile working structure and a ‘show, don’t tell’ attitude allowed us to bring the client on the journey with us, maximising efficiency and bringing real benefits sooner than expected.

This was one of the biggest S4HANA / Ariba / Concur transformation projects in the United Kingdom, affecting some 27,000 users. We delivered a standardised, integrated and fully functioning Finance platform environment on time and on budget, securing annual cost savings for the client while allowing them the transparency required of major players in today’s international retail marketplace.

This was one of the biggest S4HANA / Ariba / Concur transformation projects in the United Kingdom, affecting some 27,000 users. We delivered a standardised, integrated and fully functioning Finance platform and reporting environment on time and on budget, securing annual cost savings for the client while allowing them the predictability and transparency required of major players in today’s international retail marketplace.

Powering Ahead – Energy UK

Shortlisted: Best use of Thought Leadership

The UK government wants to be a leader in low-carbon mobility and to accelerate the adoption rates of electric vehicles (EVs). In addition, concern around air quality is increasingly a major issue across many large cities in the UK. With this in mind, the government has set a target of banning the sales of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 to remove the air pollution caused by these vehicles. Recommendations have been made to bring forward that date to as soon as 2032. As a result, we expect to see rapid growth in the adoption of electric vehicles, but there are potential blockers that could undermine the Government’s aspirations in this space.

We identified that limited availability of electric vehicle charging points and ‘experience anxiety’ during the time people are charging their electric cars are significant challenges that may reduce the take up of electric vehicles in the UK. Major energy companies and new start up businesses are interested in investing in EV charging which is a complex and competitive emerging segment. Knowing how to play in this market, identifying which business model is more likely to succeed and understanding the distinct dynamics of each charging segment are core elements of our work and thought leadership.

Our relationship with Energy UK has been critical to the development of our thinking. We worked with Energy UK to analyse the evolving business models required to succeed in charging, as well as develop a perspective on the outlook of different charging patterns. Our thought piece, Powering Ahead! is part of our ongoing campaign to shape the debate on how best to establish critical EV charging infrastructure, while

Royal Dutch Shell

Shortlisted: Innovation in Digital and Technology

When Shell decided to reinvent itself as a more simple, agile and digitally enabled business, it chose to adopt SAP’s S/4HANA Cloud. S/4HANA Cloud is the last word in enterprise software, and can change the way a business operates, putting information at managers’ fingertips.

Shell is a huge organisation, so to manage this transition with minimal disruption, it needed to invest significantly in stakeholder engagement and change management across the business. It would need to help its stakeholders to see beyond the sales slides and web demos to really understand the opportunities S/4HANA Cloud would present for them and the transformative nature of the journey ahead.

We worked with SAP to create an innovative, immersive experience that would allow audiences across Shell and the wider oil & gas sector to experience S/4HANA Cloud for themselves. The journey continues, and the destination’s appeal is growing for Shell, with new extensions to the storytelling and innovative new formats such as interactive virtual reality under development.


Shortlisted: Customer Engagement and Marketing

This is a story about customer success.

Software giant Sage is facing some of the most challenging market conditions in its history. It needed to transform its customer engagement strategy, but after a difficult first half-year, Sage couldn’t risk interrupting revenue whilst it tried to fix the underlying issues.

Together, we embarked on a programme called ‘Customer Success’ – a solution that would place the customer firmly and permanently at the heart of everything Sage does without disrupting day to day performance of teams. Customer Success meant focusing on helping customers achieve their objectives and grow through getting the value they need from their Sage product or service.

Over only four months, we outperformed Sage’s expectations – and our own – delivering a 2.21% increase in renewals, a 70% increase in customer conversations, and a profound change in culture. The business unit began to consistently hit monthly (stretch) targets and delivered performance well above the previous period.It was so successful that Customer Success has become one of Sage’s top 3 strategic priorities. Their ambition is to replicate the programme in every one of their 23 territories, highlighting a change in their thinking from ‘it can’t be done’ to ‘we’re going to change the whole business to work in this way’.

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