Business Functions

Be known for delivering real value through technology – regardless of your business function.

Business functions are driven by your target business outcomes. Departmental leaders need to embrace technology transformation in order to make the most of their data.

At PwC we start by understanding your business drivers and objectives. This means that our advice is business-led – driving business value through technology – not simply focused on the IT function.

Customer Management

Organisations struggle to keep customer experience consistent across every channel. Different channels are kept in silos, leading to high cost, low quality, inconsistent customer experience, and poor management.

We take a customer centric approach, benchmarking your customer management against industry best practice, working with you to create a case for change, and embedding a customer-centric perspective across your organisation driving revenue growth and competitive differentiation.

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Procurement often struggles with data visibility, it’s a case of too much data, not enough insight. You might know which applications staff are using and how frequently, but you don’t necessarily know what features they’re using or their limitations.

Cost-savings are also plateauing. At PwC we conduct a wholesale cost-reduction programme to assess the use, features, functionality and total cost of ownership of every application in your estate, reducing costs through rationalisation. Typically we help save around 10-20%.

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Forecasting, demand management, inventory reduction and service improvement are all massive challenges for the operations team. The supply chain must be perfectly balanced to ensure that there’s enough stock to meet short leads times, but never so much that storage cost spirals out of control.

The PwC team are highly experienced in the operations business function, helping major global clients simplify their supply chain management, reduce stock levels, and improve services and lead times through the effective use of technology.

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The finance department must minimise risk to the business, keeping it resilient. Yet finance also needs to adapt quickly to the fast-moving business landscape.

We help the CFO make better decisions with the use of real-time data, track investments in real-time, and report on up-to-the-minute changes with live dashboards.

Not only does this help keep the business resilient to risk while improving agility, it enables the CFO to remain a relevant and effective member of the boardroom.

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Regulation and Compliance

Protecting your mission critical and customer data is essential. If customers’ details fall into the wrong hands you’ll suffer a loss of reputation and trust, as well as legal liabilities.

Regulatory and compliance teams often face large and complex legacy technology estates. Any changes could jeopardise the entire business, so regulation and compliance managers feel more secure leaving the technology infrastructure alone.

We unpack legacy estates to see which applications are still relevant and effective – reducing costs and complexity while shifting the focus back onto potential risks. What’s more, we help embed the right culture to make your technology transformation sustainable.

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A top priority for businesses is gaining and retaining the right talent. Unfortunately, people management software has a tendency to reach end-of-life rather frequently, with vendors going out of business or ending support.

PwC offer business transformation along with technical advisory to provide an end-to-end service. We work with you to deliver a complete HR strategy, map the application architecture, as well as help validate and select vendors. This means that you not only have access to the best, most reliable HR applications, but you also have the right business culture to retain the talent you have.

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Managed Services

Organisations are reaching a skills capacity issue. Specialist skills are needed to manage complex applications, but those skills are only applied a couple of days a month.

Managed services from PwC overcomes this dilemma by providing access to the highest trained specialists as-and-when you need them. That means we can deliver and manage the technology we recommend.

PwC Technology Consulting is also completely cloud-ready, providing the specialist skills to help deploy and manage your cloud application estate.

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