Cloud based CRMs: a flexible solution to your business

The continuing rate of change in technology and customer behaviour means that your business needs to be capable of adapting fast. If your view of your customers is outdated then you won’t be able to meet their needs. A cloud based CRM offers an agile and cost effective way to keep pace with changes without having to outlay substantial costs to update systems and processes.

Why choose a cloud based CRM?

As so much IT infrastructure begins to migrate to the cloud it makes sense to consider cloud based CRMs. These are some of the benefits they bring over on-site systems:

  • They’re agile. Speed of implementation is increased in comparison to on-site solutions. On top of this cloud based CRMs can be accessed anywhere. This means that as your business grows, or if your employees have to be mobile, the system is capable of responding to your needs. Changes and upgrades to your setup are also much faster, as they can be applied across the whole business, without the need for individual implementations at different sites.

  • They’re robust. The agility of cloud based CRMs also future proofs them. The ease of adding licences as your teams expand, or extending the capabilities of your software with application add-ons, ensures you can evolve with the changes instead of being left behind.

  • They carry less financial risk. You’re investing in a service, not hardware and individual software packages. Because of this it is simple to change things as your organisation and its objectives change, and with less immediate financial impact. You also don’t need an extensive in-house team to implement, support, and upgrade the systems, which means leaner operations.
  • They offer predictable costs. Payment for cloud based CRMs is subscription-based. This means you know exactly what you’re going to pay based on the set-up and number of licenses. This gives you a simple projected cost, which helps with accurate and efficient business planning.

What about data security? 

The question of security is often at the top of the list of concerns surrounding cloud based software. There are many issues surrounding the storage of personal data, and this can be complicated further if the information you hold is of a confidential nature.

It’s important to remember that the companies that operate cloud based CRMs and those that run data centres across the globe devote huge portions of their budget to data security. Breaches to their systems can cause catastrophic damage to their business, so it’s a priority for them all.

Our expert technology team understand your concerns, and have experience working with businesses that operate under strict data protection and confidentiality laws. We can give you a solution that will reassure stakeholders of the safety of company and customer data.

Finding the right cloud based CRM

We are partners with the world leaders in the field of cloud based CRM solutions, including:

Which is the right one for your organisation depends on a variety of factors such as business objectives, functional and technical requirements, legislative compliance and more.

After we have thoroughly assessed your business and agreed the best solution for you we’ll get it set-up and can deliver all necessary training and support to help you harness the benefits of cloud based CRMs.

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