eCommerce and omni-channel solutions

Digital disruption to retail and commerce has seen traditional methods of reaching, engaging and selling to customers rapidly fall by the wayside. Consumers are now more empowered than ever before, with social media, mobile apps, and eCommerce changing buying habits.

The rate of technology adoption and changes to consumer behaviour is so fast that it can be hard for businesses to have a solid eCommerce strategy in place. We combine leading sector and consumer insights with strategic and technological expertise to deliver the eCommerce solutions you need to thrive in this disrupted economy.

Blending digital and physical experiences

Although there’s no denying the trend for customers to use eCommerce to fulfil their purchasing needs, the physical store experience still has a powerful allure. People often want to see and experience a product before making their final decision, and so the in-store experience can be a vital step in finalising the sale.

Research has shown that 82% of customers check product availability online before heading to a store. It’s also apparent that if a customer’s in-store experience is lacklustre compared to their digital experience then there is a real risk that they won’t complete their transaction. The need to create a truly omni-channel experience has never been stronger.

By using the power of eCommerce platforms like SAP Hybris it’s possible to build a consistent experience across all digital platforms, and extend this into the physical space.  

Technology alone isn’t enough though. Even the best eCommerce platforms and omni-channel systems implemented without proper insight and strategy will fail to deliver. By tapping into PwC’s extensive global network of experts we’ll create an omni-channel eCommerce solution that considers everything from business demands and objectives to customer behaviour and technology infrastructure.

Making eCommerce personal

With the proliferation of digital technology there has been a parallel explosion of customer data. Each customer leaves a trail of information across a wide variety of platforms, from social media and websites to email. This mass of information has the potential to give you insights into customer behaviour that is invaluable.

You can now deliver a personalised experience to customers, and it’s one that they are increasingly demanding. 47% of customers expect a personalised shopping experience across all channels, but the challenge lies in joining up separate platforms. Our eCommerce solutions always focus on creating that connected journey, to provide a meaningful experience for customers.

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