SAP Hybris: a true omni-channel solution

Commerce can happen anywhere. With mobile technology allowing people to discover, research and buy products and services wherever they are, the path to purchase is no longer straight and narrow.

SAP Hybris is an omni-channel commerce solution that is built to join up the fragmented commerce landscape, uniting digital and physical touchpoints to help you deliver a powerful, relevant and compelling customer experience to your buyers.  

Our Alliance with SAP

As an SAP Hybris Partner we have access to the latest technical innovations and support. By working closely with SAP Hybris we ensure that how we implement the platform is informed by their leading insights in ecommerce, omni-channel strategy and customer behaviour.

PwC brings industry-specific experience and multi-disciplinary expertise to the Alliance. So when we implement SAP Hybris we have a joined-up picture of your business and its customers. Whether that’s using our knowledge of customer retention or the specifics of business strategy.  

How PwC works with you and SAP Hybris?

Whenever we approach a customer technology project our main objective is to find a solution that aligns with your business objectives. Once we understand the challenges you’re facing, in terms of meeting customer demand, your commercial aims, and technology needs we then focus on devising and delivering the right outcome.

SAP Hybris Marketing can be used to gain insight into customer behaviours and journeys and then deliver personalised marketing and a richer customer experience.

SAP Hybris Commerce offers specialised products for B2B and B2C commerce, with further offerings that can help with creating contextual experiences and content management to deliver rich user experiences.

Meeting the needs of always-on customers

Widely recognised for its flexibility and scalability, SAP Hybris allows for fast upgrades and integrates smoothly with other systems. This means that as your customers’ behaviour changes you can alter how you serve them with comparative ease.

We use SAP Hybris as an enabler for your business, transforming how you operate not for the sake of it but to ensure you have the tools and processes to succeed in the world of the connected consumer.

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