Salesforce: driving your business success

Recognised as industry leaders in CRM solutions, Salesforce’s offering has evolved and now has products for email marketing, e-commerce, community management and more. Our team can implement Salesforce in such a way that it communicates seamlessly with existing systems and bring all your data into one place. This allows you to make the most of the resources and information you have to achieve your business objectives.

Our Alliance with Salesforce

We’re one of Salesforce’s Global Strategic Partners, which gives us direct access to their latest innovations. This allows us to give you the most up to date guidance on getting the most from Salesforce. Our Alliance is a two-way relationship and means that our experience in implementing Salesforce for businesses helps inform updates to their products. 

We’ve been recognised for our excellence twice with Salesforce’s Partner Innovation Award.

How we work with you and Salesforce

Our approach is to use Salesforce to enable a transformation in how your business operates. This starts by seeing technology as a way to execute your strategy and achieve your organisation’s ambitions. Perhaps you would benefit from Salesforce Pardot to handle your marketing automation. Or it could be that your customer service isn’t what it should be; then Salesforce Service Cloud can help. 

We’ll bring our extensive global expertise to the project and ensure that all decisions made align with your commercial aims. With experience in numerous successful implementation projects we have an overarching perspective and bring our knowledge from digital consultancy, customer strategy, operations, HR and more to each project. 

Our depth of knowledge and experience means that we can implement at speed and scale because we can use our findings from previous projects to inform decisions.

Streamlining your business with Salesforce

Salesforce’s suite of products encompasses multiple areas of business, from boosting revenue with Salesforce Sales Cloud to improving customer spend and loyalty with personalised marketing delivered via Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce can help your organisation make smarter decisions by putting all the relevant information at your fingertips and giving you the applications you need to use that data effectively.     

With digital continuing to disrupt and alter consumer behaviour and ways of working you need an agile platform that can expand and adapt as and when you need it. That’s Salesforce.

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David Allen

David Allen

Partner, Global EMS Market Activation Lead for Managed Services, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7843 334629

Will Stevns

Will Stevns

Midlands Consulting Leader, PwC United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7841 567045

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