IT effectiveness

Aligning business and technology to minimise risk and costs while driving IT effectiveness.

IT effectiveness is about applying the right technology in the right way to drive efficiency in technology service provision while minimising both risk and costs.

At PwC, we understand the technology challenges organisations face – from technology strategy to application rationalisation – keeping business goals in mind to deliver real value through IT effectiveness.

Service management

The benefits of standardising and streamlining IT service delivery are easy to understand but difficult to achieve.

Delivering easily sustainable IT change requires a pragmatic approach, standardising processes across your entire IT estate.

We can help standardise and rationalise your service management in-line with industry best practices, helping simplify your IT and gain greater control.

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Driving down costs

By minimising costs you provide capacity to on-board new emerging technologies that will drive further efficiencies and expand your capabilities.

An IT cost review looks at the total cost of ownership of your entire IT estate and the factors driving that cost. We include people and processes as well as the software and services themselves, creating a benchmark from which to improve.

With your entire IT infrastructure fully scoped out, we can help you rationalise your IT – from data centres to applications – ensuring that your IT is lean and effective.

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IT sourcing

Working with your in-house team, we discover your key business drivers. We then develop a commercial model and business case for the technology, focusing on your business objectives.

Each potential supplier is validated through a robust scoring method before we send a request for proposal (RFP) to qualified vendors.

We use our experience and technology alliances to:

  • Streamline and accelerate the procurement process
  • Negotiate the best service level agreements (SLAs) and contracts
  • Agree on key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Establish relevant controls along the way

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Agile delivery

We break up the process of IT delivery into iterative stages.

Managing everything at once is inefficient and means that by the time the technology is fully deployed it is already verging on redundant.

Our approach, by contrast, means that you can move from scoping to implementation far quicker, making the most of new technologies while they are still relevant.

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Managing risk and resilience

Growing organisations often realise they have holes in their IT security, are running unknown risks, and lack resilience in the face of IT failure. Not only can this impact significantly on the everyday running of your business, it can also get you into trouble with your regulator.

We help clients regain control by taking a risk-appetite led approach that identifies, prioritises, and protects critical services

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A focus on outcomes

Through our extensive experience in technology, controls, and business restructuring, we help our clients understand and improve their IT effectiveness.

Our team of experts will map out your IT landscape, discovering holes and overlaps in capabilities, and rating your overall IT effectiveness and service management.

Our IT Effectiveness team help manage technology implementation in a rational approach, meaning more business change is possible over even shorter timescales.

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