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For organisations looking to raise capital for expansion and growth via the public markets, PwC provides advice on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and finance raising. By acting as a sponsor alongside your broker, we provide advice on markets/exchanges, regulatory authorities and issues and managing other advisers.

PwC also acts as an independent financial adviser, free of any inherent or perceived conflicts of interest, when investment banks have been appointed as sponsors and are seeking to provide further integrated services (e.g. underwriting services). In such circumstances, we provide advice on the above matters independent of the appointed sponsor or broker.

How we can support you
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Potential issues

  • You are looking to float on the London Stock Exchange or the Alternative Investment Market
  • You would like to raise money via a rights issue or placing
  • You are looking to restructure your financing/balance of debt to equity.

How we can support you

  • Expert advice and experience
  • Benefit of access to specialists in the rules and regulations governing public listed companies on all major stock exchanges
  • Deep industry knowledge across the full range of industry sectors
  • National and international network of practitioners with local knowledge.

PwC's IPO services include

  • Advice on the most appropriate market/exchanges for capital raising
  • Valuations
  • Timing and tactics
  • Preparation of prospectus and investor presentations
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities on all regulatory issues
  • Co-ordination of other advisers (eg brokers, lawyers, reporting accountants et cetera).

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