Corporate venture capital

Corporate venturing has become a key component in many companies’ quest for growth.   By investing in innovative companies, corporate venture capitalists can access cutting edge technologies, discover novel products and experiment with different business models. 

CVCs aim to meet both strategic and financial objectives.  They struggle to succeed if these objectives are not clearly defined or if the structure of the CVC business is not appropriate for its strategy.   


  • Establishing a CVC operation requires careful planning in order to optimise the chances of success
  • CVC operations can be highly tax efficient if investments are structured correctly
  • Depending on the scope of their activities, CVCs may require authorisation from financial regulators
  • While the CVC  is often in prime position to assess the commercial risks associated with new investments, help with financial and legal due diligence is usually needed
  • CVCs, like independent venture capitalists, seek to maximise their return on investments

How we can help

We understand the challenges a company faces setting up and running a Corporate Venture Capital business.  Our industry and technical expertise, which encompasses all aspects of creating, implementing and running a CVC business, puts us in a unique position to advise the CVC throughout its lifetime.

Award winning services

We were recently awarded “Consultancy Firm of the Year” at the 2015 Global Corporate Venturing Symposium in London. The Global Corporate Venturing Symposium, now in its fourth year, attracts hundreds of practitioners and suppliers to London each year.

We received this recognition for building our corporate venture capital advisory capabilities alongside our private equity and corporate M&A; services, two sectors where we have extensive experience. Our far reaching experience across international markets and transactional services is setting us apart in the corporate venturing arena for existing units and those looking to join the segment, making us this year’s Consultancy Firm of the Year.

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