Funding options

Access to capital to fund expansion, operations and projects is critical to an organisations’ ability to meet its short- and long-term objectives. In the best of economies, these transactions are highly complex, require sophisticated analysis and often involve complicated structures.

You can raise funds yourself by divesting or carving out non-core parts of your business. Alternatively you can seek investment from third parties.

The global financial crisis has led to increased bank regulation which has directly impacted the level of and routes to available funding. Therefore financing a deal or project is not quite as simple as it was previously.

This funding gap has driven the emergence of increasingly sophisticated financing options available to companies considering merging with or acquiring another company. However, the options available aren't always as straight forward as they may seem...

In order to fund existing operations or projects, growth or acquisitions you might need to:

  • Restructure the asset base of your business(es) by disposing of underperforming assets / parts of your business;
  • Identify possible finance partners, be they banks, capital markets, private equity firms, public private partnerships or sovereign wealth funds;
  • Reconcile investors' need for profit with the requirements of Government for political and financial transparency;
  • Find the most appropriate finance vehicle to deliver the best value for your business;
  • Raise or retain finance;
  • Obtain waivers, amendments or refinance existing facilities;
  • Look at entry into a new financing market;
  • Realise the value of your business; or
  • Understand the tax, legal and regulatory issues surrounding specific financing sources or products.

When you work with us we can help you to:

  • Sell non-core parts of your business (link to “Selling your business”)
  • Understand the various financial vehicles available across a wide variety of sectors including the public sector and its procurement procedures
  • Arrange competitive financing and financing structures
  • Bring together investors, businesses, project partners and structure consortia
  • Manage the tax and accounting aspects of a wide variety of financing vehicles
  • Create a strategy for involving the private sector in delivering public services
  • Fund additional necessary infrastructure investment

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