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Growing your business

Growing your business is never easy. Typically there are two routes you can take – organically or through acquisitions.

For organic growth you’ll need funding and to maximise efficiency within your organisation.

However, when organic growth no longer satisfies the needs of your stakeholders you’ll need to look at merging with or acquiring another company to grow your business quickly.

Whether you want to open a new international office or facility or target new global markets you need advisers with the expertise and network to access new markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance.

In order to grow your business you may need:

  • help with setting direction and business planning, which may result in a merger and acquisition (M&A;) transaction.
  • access to new markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance with real-time data on your exposure to risk; or
  • to restructure the asset base of businesses by disposing of underperforming assets / parts of the business;

When you, your management team and your shareholders engage with us we can help you to enhance the value of your business through mergers and acquisitions by:

  • advising on strategy and tactics for a potential transaction;
  • engaging and negotiating with your target company or companies
  • valuing your target company or companies and modelling the potential returns
  • giving you confidence in your exposure to risks and helping you identify any ongoing risk and compliance issues
  • providing specialist due diligence support
  • advising on alternative financing options for the transaction
  • engaging and negotiating with the potential funders
  • preparing an offer for your target company or companies and negotiating on the transaction

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