International deals

Investing in the UK

The UK is an attractive market for global investors. It combines a strong and stable economy with flexible labour and tax laws, rich and diversified industrial and service sectors and is open for business. It now seems clear that Brexit will become a reality, but history has taught us that UK business is adaptable and innovative when confronted with new challenges and opportunities.

With deal specialists based in the UK working closely with our global network, we have market leading insight, experience and connections to help you succeed in your investment in the UK.

Investing outside the UK

Emerging markets, as well as more mature western economies, provide opportunities to invest outside the UK. All markets are different and present unique challenges for investors.

From the UK we advise international investors on their acquisitions and disposals across the world (e.g. Africa, Latin America, Middle East), leveraging the UK’s global centre of excellence for many industries/sectors as well as for deals.

When undertaking cross-border transactions…

Among things you should consider:

  • do you know the target market well enough to adopt the best strategy for winning the deal?
  • different markets may have different rules and practices for doing a deal – are you aware of them?
  • how you are perceived by the key stakeholders (e.g. government, banks, regulators, advisors etc) could influence the success of your deal - how well are you managing them?
  • different cultures and ways of doing business can pose challenges to the success of your deal - are you taking measures to mitigate these risks?
  • are you prepared for dealing with all the other aspects of taking over a business overseas (e.g. legal, tax, HR, pensions, industry regulations)

When you work with PwC we can help you to:

  • evaluate your market entry strategy
  • understand the target market, the macro-economic environment, local regulations, tax systems, the accounting framework, HR matters and the labour market
  • screen potential targets and identify suitable opportunities
  • “hand-hold” you to the extent needed and provide a “one stop shop” for all the professional services you may require throughout the deal process, such as:
    • A full range of due diligence services (e.g. financial, tax, commercial, compliance, operational, IT, HR, environmental, legal)
    • Modelling and valuations
    • Taxation
    • Accounting
    • Structuring
    • Legal
    • Sales & purchase agreement (SPA)
  • negotiation with counterparties as necessary
  • plan and implement post deal integration and other aspects of operations and strategies

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